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Local Unions of DC 37

DC 37 Locals at a Glance

Local 154NYC Amalgamated Professional Employees
Local 299 Local 299, AFSCME
Local 371New York Social Service Employees Local 371
Local 372NYC Board of Education Employees
Local 374Quasi-Public Employees
Local 375Civil Service Technical Guild
Local 376NYC Construction Laborers, Highway Repairers & Watershed Maintainers
Local 384City University of New York and Educational Opportunity Centers
Local 420Municipal Hospital Employees Union
Local 436 United Federation of Nurses & Epidemiologists
Local 461NYC Lifeguards
Local 508NYC Lifeguard Supervisors
Local 768 NYC Health Services Employees
Local 924NYC Laborers
Local 957NYC Housing Authority Clerical Employees
Local 983NYC Motor Vehicle Operators
Local 1062Supervisors of Automotive Plants & Equipment Employees
Local 1070Court, County & Department of Probation Employees
Local 1087NYC Prevailing Rate Employees
Local 1113NYC Finance Administrative Employees and City Investigators
Local 1157NYC Department of Transportation Supervisory Employees
Local 1189NYC Psychologists
Local 1251NYC Board of Education Clerical-Administrative Employees
Local 1306American Museum of Natural History
Local 1320NYC Sewage Treatment & Senior Sewage Treatment Workers
Local 1321Queens Library Guild
Local 1322NYC DEP Supervisory Employees
Local 1359Rent Regulation Services Employees
Local 1407NYC Accountants, Statisticians & Actuaries
Local 1455NYC Traffic Employees
Local 1482Brooklyn Library Guild
Local 1501New York Zoological Society Employees
Local 1502Brooklyn Museum
Local 1503Metropolitan Museum of Art
Local 1505NYC Attendants, Park Service Workers, City Park Workers & Debris Removers
Local 1506NYC Department of Parks Climbers & Pruners
Local 1507NYC Department of Parks Gardeners
Local 1508Uniformed Park Supervisors
Local 1549NYC Clerical-Administrative Employees
Local 1559American Museum of Natural History
Local 1597NYC Custodial Assistant Employees
Local 1655Metropolitan Transportation Authority Clerical-Administrative Employees
Local 1757NYC Assessors, Appraisers & Housing Development Specialists
Local 1797NYC Custodial Supervisors
Local 1930New York Public Library Guild
Local 1931TBTA Maintenance Employees
Local 2054 NYC College Assistants
Local 2507Uniformed EMTs & Paramedics of the FDNY
Local 2627NYC Electronic Data Processing Personnel
Local 2906NYC Marine Workers
Local 3621Uniformed EMS Officers Union, FDNY




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