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DC 37 Education Benefits

DC 37 Education Fund Cornell/CUNY Certificate Program in Public Sector Labor Relations

District Council 37's Education Fund has partnered with Cornell University's ILR and CUNY's Murphy Institute to offer a Certificate in Public Sector Labor Relations. This 18-month, 16-credit undergraduate certificate program offers a comprehensive overview of the union side of labor relations in the public sector. Classes are open to eligible members of DC 37 interested in learning more about the labor movement, labor relations and unionism. Classes are held at the Cornell Conference Center, 16 East 34th Street, 6th floor, once a week for 15 consecutive weeks from 6:00pm - 9:30pm. Tuition is covered by the DC 37 Education Fund for this program (excluding books and a one-time $70 application fee required by CUNY).


A high school Diploma or proof of GED.
An Assessment test.
After you have sent in your application, you will be notified of its receipt and of the next available assessment by mail.
For more information, please call (212) 815-1700.

Please click on the Fall 2017 link below and select the Labor Education Category.

Course Schedule:
Cornell/CUNY Certificate Program in Public Sector Labor Relations: Winter 2018 Orientation (Day of the Week TBA)




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